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Cherbot - A Daimonin Bot

Latest release version: - (no release yet)

What is CherBot?

CherBot is a Daimonin bot. CherBot is started instead of the regular Daimonin SDL client and connects with the server like a normal player. CherBot has a primitive nlp system to understand a little bit what you say. If CherBot understands what you say, it will respond to you. CherBot does not walk around, target, kill mob, heal, do quest. CherBot does not interefere with real player's gaming.

Download CherBot

CherBot can't be downloaded yet. You can also access the latest source code through subversion.

Contact the CherBot developers



In-game Usage

To talk to Cherbot, you may choose betwee:

Cherbot will nearly always reply with a /tell to the speaker, so it does not annoy other players.

If you're talking to Cherbot, the following things can happen:

The Future of CherBot

We've setup a page describing requirements for the next major version of CherBot. If you have any ideas and wishes for CherBot, please use our Feature Request Tracker (go to Submit New there). Logofreshmeat.netValid HTML 4.01!Valid CSS!Ohloh Metrics Feedback: webmaster